FeaturedThese are some of the best 6×9 speakers available

This short article introduces you to just some of the recommended speakers for cars. Those who are familiarly fond of music will quite possibly recognize some of these brands. But given how quickly things change in terms of new technological developments, the pursuit towards finding the most suitable and best 6×9 speakers for your hatchback, sedan, truck or SUV will be inexhaustible. In the short time and space available and at the time of writing, these are just some of the best and recommended 6×9 speakers available for purchase.

This short list includes the following brands; Hertz, Sony, JBL and Alpine. The make/models being reviewed are the Hertz HCX 690, the Sony XS-GT6937A and the Alpine SPR-60. The JBL has two make/models under scrutiny. These are the GT0638 and the GT0629 Premium. Among these brands, Alpine and Sony are probably the best known to non-experts and casual listeners of music. The Sony’s power capacity is down to its 420 watts.

The Alpine’s RMS range varies between 80 to 280 watts. Readers will be interested to know that Hertz’s stable of car speakers are among some of the most expensive available for purchase. This may have something to do with the fact that the manufacturer sources high quality materials in the production of its speakers. But these speakers are pleasingly easy to install. Alternatively, it is believed that Sony’s speakers are good value for money.

Like Sony, the JBLs have three way speaker systems. There is a hint that the JBL’s Premium variant gifts music afionados with more balance in terms of range, producing capacity between 50 to 100 watts RMS. Its junior partner has a 90dB sensitivity level. JBL are also manufacturing earphones and other musical accoutrements.