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This short informational article on downloading free or paid for beats is a big motivation for you. It’s a huge push for you to go gaga with those readily available beats for sale. It’s also an encouragement for you to take advantage of free downloadable alternatives. This is especially the case if you’re a struggling garage artist right now. By exercising creative license that is legal and free, this article is proud of its heading.

There’s a famous song more than thirty years old by now that’s well worth a good listen. It doesn’t matter if it’s not within your genre. Just listen to those lyrics. It’s about the radio, you see. And the guy that wrote the original words was inspired by his own kid to write the song. You can research this on the internet too if you like. And then there’s a cool pop icon that decided to brand herself as a gaga girl, if you will.

Her inspiration seems to be for all those of you who always seem to be on the margins. Listen to her lyrics and it might blow your mind. But it could also inspire you towards something sparky and controversial of your own. By being deliberately controversial over the airwaves, you should know by now, gets listeners to sit up and take note. This doesn’t mean that you have to go and use the F word over and over again like many rap artists are still doing.

That’s actually un cool and, after many years of overuse, it’s actually quite boring too. Never mind that there are kids listening, you want to make a name for yourself. Apart from grabbing the attention of the influential producers out there, you also want to be up for awards.